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About The Creators

Illuminate is a community program and collaboration of health and wellness experts from around the globe at the top of their game coming together to inspire the masses and create waves of positive change in the world. It is the brainchild of Emile Steenveld and Heidi Shannon from Human Potential Unlimited


Heidi and Emile create a powerful duo as high performance coaches in the areas of Nutrition, Stress, Mental Health, Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Purpose, Vision, Creating Your Best Life and Business.


Together they provide a 20+ history in the coaching game at a senior level coaching across 18 areas of life & bringing their A Team together on this project with their access to more than 50 wellness professionals to inspire the masses.


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Over 5000 Clients

20+ Years Experience

Hosts of 400+ Events

A Worldwide Community Of Experts & Motivators

10 powerful Masterclasses delivered by experts at the top of their game.

  • Guest Experts

    The Illuminate Course delivers 10 masterclasses in all areas of health and wellness with our outstanding speakers & teachers from across the globe.

  • The Community Classes

    Inside our community every week we host live classes with new gurus in every area of health and happiness.

  • Giving Back Big

    A big part of Illuminate is to give back to those less fortunate. Every week we choose a new charity to give back to. 

About You

Are you ready to Illuminate?

Are you thirsty for real tools, a connected community of like minded souls, ready to elevate from fear to flow & create your best possible life even in uncertain times?

Ready To Raise Your Vibration & Be Apart Of An Amazing Community - 100%
Ready To Lose The Fear & Step Into Flow & Action - 100%
Ready To Build Inner Calm, Optimum Health & Be Inspired - 100%
Ready To Create A Powerful Vision & Give Back Big - 100%

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Join Heidi and Emile online to revamp your mindset, health, find calm and step into purpose and action in record time.

Together Heidi and Emile are the ultimate team that have an incredible passion and drive for helping people from all walks of life. This dynamic duo have an awe-inspiring force that is infectious, and a way to understand you even without you realising.

I feel so honoured and privileged to have met and worked with these 2. I will be forever grateful.



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