You Are Invited As A Special Guest Speaker @ Illuminate

If you are here it is because we admire your work! We would like to openly welcome you to apply as a guest speaker at Illuminate to share your knowledge, expertise, good vibes and add value to the world during a precarious time.

As a community of wellness professionals and coaches from around the globe you will join a family of unique souls giving back in a big way. Share Illuminate with your tribe and you receive a 40% commission of sales and also access a growing community of fresh faces and followers ready to tap into who you are and what you offer.

Share Your Expertise With The Illuminate Community

Reach A Whole New Audience, Share Your Unique Gifts & Knowledge, Inspire Thousands & Receive a 40% Commission!

  • Reach A New Fresh Audience of 1 Mill+

    The combined reach of our experts and guests is 1.5 million fresh new faces to promote yourself and your brand to.

  • Get Paid For Referrals

    Share your involvement with a worldwide movement to your audience a receive a 40% kickback for every person you send.

  • Raise Your Expert Credibility

    Be featured alongside some of the best in the world at what they do. We believe in the power of community & a collaborated approach. 

  • Unique Promotion Of Your Brand

    We brand all experts with their own unique landing page and send new visitors to your SM, site, products and services. Share with us your affiliate codes & we'll actively promote you.

How It Works

Welcome to Illuminate and thank you for spreading the love and being apart of a unique program built for raising good vibes, giving back and serving the masses during a unique time in humanity.


All guest speakers become affiliates:

We offer a flat 40% commission fee for the 2 tiers of our program - $29 or $59.

$29 Access - Course Only w 12 Masterclasses

$59 Access - Course + Community Access + Live Weekly Classes


Illuminate will bring thousands of course and community attendees together from around the globe - introducing you and your brand to new faces and followers in exchange for your input and introducing your friends, followers and communities to Illuminate.
The concept is that we all pull together and work together, supporting each other & give back big.


How it Works + What's Required


What We Do
Emile and Heidi have built a solid platform that nurtures and supports our community, before, during and after the sale. The platform works like clockwork and we offer A TONNE OF VALUE including:


  • 12 masterclasses with world class experts in their fields of all areas of health and personal development
  • Weekly coaching + Live Q & A with Heidi and Emile and guests 
  • Weekly classes in the community including cooking, healing arts, yoga, meditation, fitness & much more
  • Automation and client nurturing throughout the entire 3 months access for clients

We have a full team in the back end working on this project from support coaches, designers, tech assistants and community ambassadors streamlining the clients process from start to finish and ensuring the client experience is 100% perfection.


All lead magnets; ads (youtube, google, FB, Insta), free videos and content and Live Masterclasses will continue to attract and promote Illuminate as well as continuing to attract guest speakers, affiliates and friends who share Illuminate like wild fire to the masses.


What You Do

  • Depending on our unique agreement with you, you will offer 1 x Class for the Illuminate Course or Community, approx 1 hour in length with a specific structure to deliver tools & steps (not just talk). This class could be pre recorded or delivered live in the FB community depending on your expertise
  • Share share share!!!

We Recommend For The Best Results:

Send 3 emails to your list of followers promoting your upcoming appearance in the course of community. We give you swipe files to use.

Share 5 social posts or stories promoting Illuminate & your appearance and topic to be shared

  • Share Illuminate with your friends and family & personal social networks if appropriate
  • Encourage Illuminate ethos through your content and stay away from fear mongering and ultra strong opinions on the Corona Virus - stay with our ethos of good vibes & raising vibrations
  • Tag your buddies - Illuminate guests, Heidi, Emile & Illuminate sites in your posts when appropriate
  • Be a member of the Illuminate community and comment when guests ask specific questions about you and what you have offered or designate a team member on your behalf to do so
  • Use your specific Affiliate link when promoting to ensure you get paid (we create you your own unique profile landing page and your links are embedded there)
  • Use Illuminate branding; banners, videos and images in your posts (we give you everything you need and send automated emails for daily posts)

*Note we will in the future have an Illuminate Guru website where promoting your products & services as an expert will be an option




    Affiliate Commissions

    • 12 Class Access Pass

      Guests access all 12 masterclasses with guest experts. No community access.



      Affiliate Commission


    • Masterclass + Community Access

      Guests access all 12 masterclasses with guest experts + full community access, support & more weekly classes.



      Affiliate Commission



    Apply as an expert guest speaker and contributor to the Illuminate course and community >

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    If you have any questions please book a call with us to find out more about how Illuminate works and how we can work together.

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