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The change you want to see and be, the community support you are craving, the raising of your own vibration, the tools, the new direction... it's all here with world class guest speakers from around the globe collaborating with a community of thousands to reconnect with what matters, rise up and serve with purpose no matter what.

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Online Life Coaching, Wellness & Personal Development Program

Join Us On An Inspiring 90 Day Self Empowerment Journey to Illuminate Yourself & Your Life With Like Minded Souls From Around The Globe To Raise Your Vibration & Become The Best Version Of You

  • Live Coaching & Q & A

    Get coached every week across 12+ life areas by the CREATORS OF ILLUMINATE and the EXPERT SPEAKERS. Access Master Coaches answering your questions on health, wealth, mindset, happiness, purpose, relationships & more. Get answers to your REAL LIFE QUESTIONS & be coached through whatever shows up LIVE with full support.

  • We Give Back Big To Those Who Need It Most

    However tough things may seem there are those who need our support during this never seen period of humanity. We give back big weekly with 5% of proceeds going out to THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST. Be inspired by the leaders of the NGO'S doing extraordinary work in the world & be proud of your support for the less fortunate.

  • Become The Change You Want To See In The World

    We invite you to move from self isolation and social distancing to self empowered and socially connected. We believe you all have inside of you a unique gift to be shared with the world and now is the time to tap deeply into what holds you back so that you can emerge wiser, calmer, stronger... CONNECTED.

  • 12 Powerful Masterclasses

    Our experts are at the top of their game and some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Get immediate access to 12 classes covering everything from health, habits, fear, mindset, relationships, calm, faith, purpose following a 12 step ROADMAP for total wellbeing + LIVE CLASSES with our experts every week.

  • LIVE Wellness & Good Vibes Classes

    You now have access to the BEST OF THE BEST teachers & purpose driven souls sharing their wisdom on fitness, yoga, meditation, healing, cooking, dance & so much more with our weekly online classes to inspire, uplift and RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. If you miss the classes just keep in your library to replay later.

  • Access The Inspiring Online Community 

    Inside our SECRET COMMUNITY is where the real magic happens. Block out the noise, connect with like minded souls & be motivated to create the best version of you in record time. The power of your circle of influence will elevate the next part of your life & direction in ways in which you never thought possible. This is the power of UNITY. 

Get Ready If You Want To Experience Your Illuminate Journey:

Ask yourself this:
Where will you be in 5 years or where could your life be in 3 months from now with the right tools, the right order and the right mentors?

  • Become the Greatest Version Of Yourself & Remove Blocks

    Part 1 - 3 Weeks - 9 Classes

    Find out why most people are living well below their human potential and playing at a mediocre level in many areas of life... and end up on a never ending hamster wheel of doing more to have more and chasing external gratification only to be left feeling empty and underwhelmed.

    In the first 3 weeks Chris Rickstrew, Rob Bonnick and Emile Steenveld coach you step by step through designing and shining with the greatest version of yourself, tapping into what matters most, creating a fulfilled pathway and life direction, cleaning up road blocks in the way and using the power of choice and resilience to take action.

  • Regain Energy, Vitality Clarity & Inner Calm

    Part 2 - 3 Weeks - 9 Classes

    Now you are clear on the person you want to be - you can never un-have that awareness! But to make it stick - you need health, energy, vitality and clarity to ensure your sleep, food, mood and body is ready to serve the next part of your life. If your mind races and you over think, if you wake tired, if you are constantly hard on yourself, if your body doesn't have the energy to serve with purpose - you need these classes! 

    In these powerful next few weeks with Aurimus Juodka, Michael Daly & Ryan Kennedy you learn how to hack your habits to get the daily rest, nutrition, energy and inner peace you desire. From the learning the art of mindfulness and meditation to cooking nutritious meals packed with goodness and learning to move to have the greatest effect on your physical health - you will FEEL utterly energised and completely different at the end of these steps. 

  • Know Your Worth, Design Your Purpose & Build Connected Relationships

    Part 3 - 3 Weeks - 9 Classes

    If you've ever wondered why you sabotage your own growth, procrastinate, aren't serving in your power and using your own uniqueness or enjoying the relationships you want - then these classes are for you....

    .... now you are ready to full realise your own worth, embody your own power and heal through creating and serving your unique purpose to the world! As you build this deeply connected relationship with yourself you'll draw in others and we'll learn the art of balancing our roles in connected relationships.In these weeks your power, passion and love of life will be unstoppable. Join Christine Hassler, Heidi Shannon and Stef Sifandos on a beautiful journey of transforming from the inside out.

  • Craft A Powerful Life Vision & Step Into Abundance

    Part 4 - 3 Weeks - 9 Classes

    Most of the population on earth are flying blind with no vision for where their life is truly heading. And if this is you - your bank account and level of freedom reflects the vision you have for your life - and whether you believe of having all that is possible in your wildest dreams or are you operating out of scarcity, lack and fear?
    With purpose and power you will set your sights on a powerful life vision in 8 key areas with the vision master Joel Brown. You'll then get creative and playful with Adam Roa on manifesting with ease that vision into reality and transforming your wealth mindset & beliefs around prosperity & the creation of abundance with Malaine Lea.


Meet Those Inside Who Love Illuminate








To become the change you want to see - YOU MUST HAVE SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY. This is why Illuminate is so effective and powerful. You don't just receive the talk and the tools. You get LIVE INTERACTIVE support to ensure your changes are actioned every week. Through these classes you get real face time WITH LEADERS IN THE COACHING, RELATIONSHIPS, WELLNESS & BUSINESS GAME.


Access the 12 empowering masterclasses & be supported on your 

journey with Live Wellness, Coaching & Q & A Classes.







Get Up Close & Personal 

With The Change Makers
Inside Waiting To Inspire You >

Become The Greatest Version Of Yourself With Ease

Christopher Rickstrew AKA the 'Sheep to Lion guy' takes you on a hilarious & fun journey towards the greatest version of yourself. Move from mediocre to great fast with Chris' fun (& funny) yet very real approach to personal development. No more peeling the onion, Chris' method is fast and works.


Embody Your Own Power &

Know Your Worth

Meet Christine Hassler as she takes you on a journey to embodying your own power and being authentically you. Christine shows you how to lose the life that doesn't serve you and invites you on a journey of purpose, self worth and inner fulfilment by using your own journey to serve with. Get ready to step into who you really are.


 Values, Fulfilment & Meaning No Matter What

Emile Steenveld shows you how to steer your own ship from the inside out tapping into your own personal value system. Emile has a simple yet highly effective approach to building a deep relationship with yourself and others through emotional awareness, finding fulfilment and being courageously yourself.


Habit Hacks for Food, Mood, Sleep & Movement

Aurimas Juodka is a powerhouse when it comes to crafting simple yet powerful daily habits. A believer in the smallest input for the greatest results from sleep, food, reducing stress and physical movement AJ helps you align with the person you want to be by implementing your own personal habit hacks with results.

Building Stellar Health & Immunity With Nutrition

Ryan Kennedy  wellness entrepreneur serves up his 'down to earth' science backed holistic approach to building stellar health through foods from the earth, natural medicines & health hacks to build immunity, strength and vitality with what's already in your kitchen cupboard keeping you & those close to you healthy & happy.

Love, Support & Connected Relationships

Stef Sifandos shares his extraordinary knowledge of the importance of connection with the self, supporting each other, coming together and connected relationships. With love as his weapon of choice he will inspire you to create the connection you seek with yourself and others through understanding masculine and feminine roles.


Soul Service Using Your Own Genius

Heidi Shannon combines her powerful tools in transforming our unhelpful stories and accessing presence with her years of experience helping people power up their purpose and business. Heidi helps you move from doing to serving by using your own authentic genius to serve your life with greatness and passion. 

Peace & Presence In The Mind

Meet Michael Daly as he shares his profound teachings on presence, finding peace in the chaos and creating a relationship with the most important person on the planet - you. From yoga, meditation and mindfulness in moments Michael dishes up easy to access tools for inner calm in a modern world.

Creating A Powerful Vision for Your Life

Joel Brown shows you the power of crafting your life vision in every area of life and his unique process for visualising, attracting and integrating this vision into your reality.

Watch the magic happen as you manifest & put into action the core of a life vision built on your true desires.


Manifesting The Life You Deserve 

Adam Roa takes you on a journey of loving yourself the way you love others, self kindness and making space for the life you deserve by releasing what holds you back. 
Adam is the Self Love king & shows you the art of playfulness, showing up as your true self  & manifesting your true life path through creativity.

The Power of Choice & Resilience

Robert Ian Bonnick author of 'Soul Survivor' growing up in an orphanage he learned the preciousness of unity, community and creating your own direction through your circle. Rob talks connection with the self, owning your stuff, finding your tribe & the power of community.

Wealth Mindset Vs Scarcity & 

Malaine Lea will empower you with an inspired game plan for your financial responsibility stepping away from scarcity and lack and into a plan that you can execute with ease, joy & simplicity. Create a new financial plan and life direction adding in your purpose, values vision & more.

Be Inspired In Our Live Class Community Every Week For 90 Days
You'll Get Access To Our Life Gurus & Wellness Warriors Offering 36 LIVE Classes!


Yoga Classes

We have access to some of the world's top yoga teachers. Each week our guest teachers will inspire you with an interactive community class online reconnecting body, mind & spirit.

Q & A

Live Coaching Calls

& Q & A With Experts

Meet with the Creators Heidi and Emile + The Illuminate Experts weekly for your coaching call & Q & A covering more than 12 areas of life supporting & inspiring you. Ask your questions & receive new teachings.


Meditation Classes

Be lulled into a state of inner calm and peace with our zen team of meditation, mindfulness, visualisation, breathing and relaxation classes. Prepare to become the calmest person you know.


Fitness & Movement Classes

Fitness, dance, martial arts and more delivered weekly from our fitness team. Move, laugh, sweat and enjoy a reconnection to your body at home.


Illuminate Cooking School

Build immunity, energy & optimum health with our 'down to earth' cooking classes with chefs, nutritionists, wellness coaches & foodies. 


Healing Classes For The Soul

As we create good vibes in the world our resident healing arts team will send waves of positivity into your lounge room with group healing sessions.

Feel Like You Are Between 2 Islands?


Treading Water?

Illuminate is designed for those who are between 2 islands, but listen up....

Island A is where you were. 

Island B is where you thought you were going.
But neither of those islands make sense right now.

Because we are treading water, as a race, together. the planet breathes for the first time in a long time, you are invited to do the same...


What we know and share at Illuminate - is who you become whilst you are treading water is more important than either island.

How you hold yourself, how you connect to yourself, how you shape yourself right now through adversity will serve you when island B appears again... even if island A has been shaken to pieces.


This is your opportunity to re build from the inside out.
This is THE time to go in, go deep, explore what you are made of and resurface ready to serve your life and others in a profound way.

We believe this extraordinary period in time has simply shown us on a grand scale the need to reconnect to our true selves, lose the desire of wanting more & climbing a never ending ladder that is leading nowhere, putting the planet and each other first, reconnecting to our bodies and healing our minds, tapping into service rather than doing just for the sake of it and being reminded of our true human potential.

You are invited to go on a journey with a community of like minded souls, gathering from around the world to rise up, light up and pull together in a unique time in history to create a butterfly effect of positive change never seen before.


This is Illuminate.

This is a movement.


See You On The Inside!

Yes? Ready To Join Our Tribe of Support?

Are you thirsty for real tools, a connected community of like minded souls, ready to elevate from fear to flow & create your best possible life even in uncertain times?

Ready To Raise Your Vibration & Be Apart Of An Amazing Community - 100%
Ready To Lose The Fear & Step Into Flow & Action - 100%
Ready To Build Inner Calm, Optimum Health & Be Inspired - 100%
Ready To Create A Powerful Vision & Give Back Big - 100%

Let's Raise Our Vibration 

Here Is What You Get Access To

See what's inside the ultimate online community, training and inspiration network packed full of value, good vibes, real tools & daily inspiration...

  • 12 Powerful Masterclasses

    World class experts inspire you  & help you become the greatest version of you.

  • Weekly Live Coaching Class & Q & A

    2 Live Coaching Classes & Q & A with the creators Emile & Heidi + Experts Every Week.

  • Community Support

    Join a Community Of Thousands to create, communicate, collaborate & inspire.

  • Weekly Wellness Classes

    Our drop in guests will deliver live yoga, meditation, healing, sound, fitness & more to keep you active.

  • Give Back Program

    Using our community power to give back big to those less fortunate in times of need.

  • Creating World Change

    Transforming ourselves and supporting each other to dig deep, transform and create positive waves of world change.

Don't Forget, We Give Back Big

Illuminate with your help will give back to those in need. Those who are fragile at a unique time in humanity. Each month in the community you will vote for the charity to give back to allowing us to contribute on a grand scale to the people and world around us in a powerful way.

Meet The Creators Who Support You Over

90 Days To Inner Freedom

Emile Steenveld and Heidi Shannon form a powerful duo in the fields of transformational coaching, self empowerment, health and wellbeing, mindfulness and yoga. 
Combining 30 years of experience in the coaching and personal development game Heidi and Emile serve up their knowledge across 18 areas of health, wellness, emotional intelligence, mental health and living a life of purpose and service. Pulling together their 'dream team' to create Illuminate Heidi and Emile will show up live weekly delivering outstanding tools crossing over every area of their knowledge in the Illuminate Community.



Emile and Heidi will host


covering new fresh tools to live your best life. 
Get access to 2 x High Performance Coaches to integrate powerful daily tools and become the greatest version of yourself.

Emotional Intelligence

Emile Steenveld

Emile is a Transformational Breakthrough Coach, speaker, event facilitator and exclusively focuses on the inner workings of the relationship with the self and the mind. He guides individuals on a powerful thought provoking inner journey to break down inherent beliefs and old habits that sabotage growth and personal happiness.

Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Coach, ACT, Healing

Life, Health, Mental Health, Business

Heidi Shannon

Heidi is a holistic coach and powerful facilitator with an 18 year history in mental health, wellness, yoga and business coaching and inspiring you to transform yourself in record time. Heidi's coaching process spans across 18 life, health and business areas for record results in record time with her down to earth approach to personal development.

Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Coach, ACT, Health, Business

What Others Say About Illuminate


I have worked with Heidi & Emile multiple times in person and online, together they are the ultimate team that have an incredible passion and drive for helping people from all walks of life. This dynamic duo have an awe-inspiring force that is infectious, and a way to understand you even without you realising.

I feel so honoured and privileged to have met and worked with these 2. I will be forever grateful.


Sarah Jessup

School Teacher, Australia

I’ve been into personal development a long time and truth be told I thought I had my stuff figured out until I had a small trip - and met Emile. Emile was able to tap into places I’ve never gone before and uncover what was really holding me back.

I was able to move out of my head and and into my heart.  I learned with Emile that I was making decisions for everyone else, people pleasing and compromising myself. Emile helped me find what I valued and figure out exactly what I wanted, needed and how to set boundaries and almost overnight my relationships and business transformed.

Vanessa McIntosh

Digital Marketer, UK

Heidi is like my real life Oprah. She is the sort of woman you put on your vision board. The way she carries herself, the way she teaches - physically, mentally emotionally she walks her talk. Heidi passionately believes in wellness and because of this everybody around her feeds off her knowledge and vibes and for good reason - she lives and breathes it and has done for more than 10 years that I have known her and have been lucky enough to work with her.

Dee Parlby

Salt Therapist, Australia

Get Access Today! Choose Your Plan Below - Access This Powerful Program For As Little As $1 A Day!

We have a gift for you!
Illuminate was created to create mass waves of change and positivity in the world. We want you to be apart of this movement so that YOU become the change you want to see in YOUR world. Our members inside are rapidly changing their health, increasing their energy, creating a relationship with themselves that is kind and compassionate, transforming their beliefs that hold them back, shifting their life directionimproving their relationships with others, practicing the art of getting centred and grounded, creating and actioning a vision for their lives that leads them towards being the greatest version of themselves, designing their life purpose and creating businesses from it and much more. Illuminate was designed to ensure you have access to the absolute support & accountability needed to LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS. If you are ready to access this amazing community, all the tools and support needed to ELEVATE YOUR LIFE....


Use the discount codes below to access your program discount before the discount disappears:


Expert Masterclasses + Community Access

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x 3 Small Monthly Payments

12 Masterclasses With Experts

90 Days Access

Weekly Integration Journal

Tools Resource Library

3 Mths Facebook Community Access

2 x Weekly Live Expert Classes

1 x Weekly Wellness Class

Expert Masterclasses + Community Access

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One Time Payment

12 Masterclasses With Experts

90 Days Access

Weekly Integration Journal

Tools Resource Library

3 Mths Facebook Community Access

2 x Weekly Live Expert Classes

1 x Weekly Wellness Class

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The First Masterclass

Weekly Journal

Tools Resource Library

What's It Worth?

This jam packed with value program delivered by world class experts at the top of their game includes:

12 Powerful Expert Masterclasses - VALUE $600 USD

Weekly Coaching Class + Q & A x 3 Months - VALUE $1495 USD

Weekly Community Classes x 2 - VALUE $600 USD

Community Support & Daily Inspiration - VALUE = PRICELESS

Give Back Big Charity Program - VALUE = KARMA POINTS



$2495 USD

Access All For

/3 Small Monthly Payments


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!



We deliver immense value inside Illuminate. You have the opportunity to transform each key area of your life - but only if you take action on each step inside the program and take advantage of the live coaching calls to ask questions to work through the changes that need to be made. 
If after completing all masterclasses & journals, attending each live class or watching the replays and integrating our learnings you believe you are not inspired by Illuminate we will refund your money. However this is a community program designed to create great waves of change in the world, give back and support each other. 
To get the most out of our teachings you must be ready and willing to go deep, practice what you learn, integrate what you learn, be a positive force in the community and inspire others to become the greatest version of themselves. So we ask that you join fully committed and ready and willing to do this.

See You On The Inside.

Emile Steenveld

Creator Illuminate, Director Human Potential Unlimited

Heidi Shannon

Creator Illuminate, Director Human Potential Unlimited

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