​I haven't had a panic attack in weeks. I'm probably the happiest and most relaxed I've ever been!

This is one of the best things I've ever done and so life changing,

my whole family are blown away. Your words have opened my mind up to so much.

Food: This this was an amazing highlight of this program! It really has made me aware of what goes in my mouth. Wow. Thank you.

Georgia, Melbourne, Australia

The STOP FIGHTING Anxiety & Depression IMMEDIATE Relief Kit is an all natural comprehensive holistic kit & 7 day program to get you fast relief & start curing the issue for good.


  • You are tired of the never ending racing throughts, over thinking and feeling like your mind is driving you crazy?

  • You are sick of the waves of panic and fear and the exhaustion and lows that come with it?

  • You are done with bandaids, unhelpful meds and unhelpful oppinions?

  • You are sick of googling every possible way to help yourself and just want everything in one place - a proven system that actually works?


For years I suffered with panic, anxiety and the lows of depression. 18 years later I've helped more than 3k people just like you recover 100% using an all natural system that is empowering and fast.


It all starts with getting the immediate relief you need for your body and mind so you can go back to being the greatest version of yourself.


It took years of study, trial and error to develop a system that works by collaborating with the best in mental health.

I'll save you the journey I had so you can just  STOP FIGHTING and start living.


I developed the  IMMEDIATE RELIEF KIT  for anxiety and depression  using my 18 years of experience in nutrition, herbs, supplements, mindfulness, therapy and empowered coaching

to help you find yourself again - and fast.

I have trialled this kit over 400 mental health retreats and have seen immediate results if you just follow the simple 7 day plan and then hit repeat.



  • Meet Heidi Shannon
    Creator of Alive Wellness

    My name is Heidi Shannon (read my story here and more about ALIVE here) and I've been at the forefront of natural mental health treatment since 2009 when I opened one of the world's first Natural Treatment Centres for Anxiety and Depression.

    Unfortunately, Covid has seen the shut down of our retreats - so I am here to help you online.

    My frustration curing my own anxiety and depression many years ago meant I spent years studying every modality possible to holistically find a recipe that works. This journey took years and it is my life's purpose to help as many people as possible avoid the journey I had.

    I am a qualified Nutrition and Herbal Medicine therapist, Holistic Life Coach, ACT Mindfulness and CBT Therapist, Yoga Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and Hypnotherapist. You'll find inside this fast track 7 day kit a combination of tools and remedies that when combined pack a mean punch for fast relief of your symptoms.

    I've had the pleasure of working alongside some of the greatest therapists in the mental health field and their endorsement and contribution to my work and this kit gives you assurance that it works.




  • Peggy Marienfield


    As a holistic GP and Naturopath with 30 years experience I can not only tell you this kit works but also support every aspect of Heidi's work. She is a skilled holistic therapist who gets outstanding results with her clients and there is no one else in this industry that I have met with as much passion and commitment to helping people heal.

  • Michael Daly


    I've had the pleasure of watching Heidi's work and working alongside Heidi for many years. Inside this kit Heidi quickly shows you the fastest way to bring ease and calm to the mind and she has a way of teaching that is so quickly grasped by her clients to get them fast results. Somehow she makes coaching & learning about the mind easy and fun.

  • Ryan Kennedy


    Heidi's knowledge and experience with her clients and helping them heal physically from the inside out is profound. As a gut health specialist I believe that this component must be considered when healing mental health issues and inside this kit - Heidi does it so well giving you straight up advice & easy to follow guides.

  • Suzie Le Fanue


    I've worked alongside Heidi since the birth of Alive and am always flawed at her knowledge and results. This kit gives you straight up from the inside out what you need to recover quickly and just cuts to the chase. As a therapist who has worked extensively in mental health for 15 years I highly recommend it.



start living


The program you created certainly delivers everything you promise. I feel so much more balanced, happy in mind, body and emotionally.

Nutrition - Wow! So surprised at how much I am liking it, and I never knew a lot of things about nutrition and the effects of imbalance in our gut has on the rest of our body. Will definitely be continuing the plan. Delighted to have lost some weight! The herbs - wow who knew it could be that simple.

A great sense of wellness and balance and some good tools in mindfulness practices to keep my thoughts and emotions in check. To stay present in the moment. An acceptance of myself.

Thanks again!

Rosemary, Perth

I call this My ‘Awakening’ - Life changing skills that I have learnt will guide me to my new path to healing!

Your healthy eating plans are well thought out, highly nutritional yet detoxifying + purifying. Educated advice on the herbs and supplements - finally I have answers. Informative clear, focused sessions - for the price it's all above my expectations.

I felt you were so aware of my emotional, physical and psychological needs - like you were at home with me.

This has been beyond my expectations!

Shannon, Australia

I had so many light bulb moments in just 7 days. It was so great to focus on my health holistically and be able to integrate so much into one approach. The information has provided me with the missing link . Your coaching was thorough, interesting, engaging, caring, skilled, warm, welcoming and just bang on!  I feel connected to my body for the first time in a long while :)

Sara, Auckland


Hi Heidi!

I just want to say thank you. I came to you feeling lost with my world of business and all the stresses that came with it.

I walked away from this program with you feeling like I had got back the person I had lost. I feel the inner work was in some ways a challenge but in that challenge you helped me see the person I am. So grateful, please keeping on doing what you are doing. It has a degree of magic and what you give is amazing. 

Thank you!

Helen, Melbourne

I can't thank you enough for the amazing support, wealth of knowledge and genuine care that I received during this program. I have learnt so much and am inspired to continue learning and putting this all into practice for the long term and for me!! 

Excited and feeling wonderful! Thankyouthankyouthankyou :) 

Meg, Perth

Thankyou to you. Ironic that you called it the 'Alive' Process because for the first time in a very long time I feel alive!!! You have taken me on this journey have literally breathed new life into my soul. Heidi you are personally one of the most profound and intelligent people I have ever met. Your knowledge and passion is powerful and for which I will be eternally grateful. I feel like this is not the end but only the beginning.

Sue, Australia

Amazing  - thank you for the chance to heal. I will be forever grateful. 

Amber, Melbourne

This was the best decision I have ever made! From the first time I hit the page I knew I was in the right place. Nutrition...This was one of the key learning experiences for me and something I had never completely understood.  I understand food on a whole other level!  The coaching ... Very supportive, caring, warm, professional and FULL of knowledge. Heidi really knows her stuff!!  It is all apart of my daily routine now. I can't believe the difference. I feel I have holistic tools to live a happy live. You have given me hope and answers that so many have failed to do in the past. Thank you!!

Liz, Perth

I want to thankyou so much :) :)

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the program and I feel very privileged to have worked with you.


I had made some good improvements to my health and energy over the past years but had become very frustrated not being able to take my health to the next level and just finally be rid of the anxiety. Your advice has given me much needed hope that I can concur the rest of my journey with the support of your very holistic program - who knew most of the issues were coming from my mind. I've made more progress in a few weeks with your changes than I have in years. 


I am now looking forward to a life where i have an abundance of energy, where i can live life to the full!

Thanks again

Maria, NZ

This was exactly what I needed! Heidi your personable way and knowledge across many levels and ability to interact and understand/reach out to different personalities and match them is outstanding. I absolutely love ACT therapy and your style of coaching. I've learned in a week to be one with my self just as I am. How wonderful is that?

Cheree, NZ

The Relief Kit is not just about 'getting relief'... It's not about a few herbs and supplements. It's about real support & a proven system that works.


It's about getting yourself and your life back. It's about daily calm and real natural balance for both body and mind.

It's about no more bandaids and quick fixes. It's about curing the issue for good naturally in an empowering way.

It's about no more googling until your eyes bleed. It's about getting a proven system that works.

It's about real support from someone who has been where you are helped thousands just like you.

Get Your Kit. Start Living.