Fully Supported Online Program To Cure

Your Anxiety & Depression In Record Time.

100% Natural. 100% Proven. 

We'd like to invite you on a journey to deal with cure anxiety & depression for good.


With a full team of worldclass experts supporting you step by step WITHOUT...


  • having to find the support you need in so many different places
  • being overwhelmed by the never ending thoughts
  • trying to do it all yourself
  • emotional overwhelm
  • never ending therapies that don't work
  • bandaids & meds or
  • giving up completely

Are you tired of:

  • Constantly worrying and not knowing how to get on top of fear?

  • Trying to hide the overwhelm you feel on a daily basis?

  • Not knowing how to explain to others what is going on?

  • Not understanding what the real cause of your anxiety is?

  • Not being able to control the non stop thoughts?

  • Not knowing how to deal with the rise of panic and the emotional storms that get on top of you?

  • Not knowing tools to help you internally when you need them most?

  • Not being able to focus or function each day?

  • Feeling tired and exhausted and lacking the energy and clarity needed to get things moving?

  • Never being able to get the right habits and tools into place to support yourself?

  • Rehashing your story and still having no answers?

  • Trying different therapies and getting nowhere?

  • Feeling exhausted, bullied by your own mind and thoughts and wondering when your zest for life will come back?

  • Feeling as though no one understands what you are thinking and feeling on a daily basis?

  • Believing falsely that finding balance takes months or even years?

  • Using uppers and downers to keep yourself going?

  • Feeling just plain over it and disempowered instead of EMPOWERED?


We have been where you are.
Let us take you on a journey to heal for good using a proven process that works.

​I haven't had a panic attack in weeks. I'm probably the happiest and most relaxed I've ever been!

This is one of the best things I've ever done and so life changing,

my whole family are blown away. Your words have opened my mind up to so much.

Food: This this was an amazing highlight of this program! It really has made me aware of what goes in my mouth. Wow. Thank you.

Georgia, Melbourne, Australia

The only online program with full support that truly works...

Get everything you need all in one place - self help + support + tools + wellness + therapy.



Mind Tools

Wellness Tools

Cure Your Anxiety & Depression Naturally Fast

How I Healed My Anxiety & Depression & Helped 1000's of Others Do The Same....


If you've ever had a panic attack or been riddled with anxiety all day long and are unable to function - we understand what you are going through and are here to cure the issue for good. I was crippled with anxiety 20 years ago and it was a long road to recovery. I'm here to show you what works and what doesn't and to save you the confusing and overwhelming journey to healing.

Most of our clients have tried everything before finding us - and all never look back. Before Alive they tried every therapy, medication, diet and more. Sometimes doing the right tools in the wrong order or even after spending thousands never getting any answers or relief. But most just baffled and feeling like there is 'something very wrong with them'.

I am here to tell you there is nothing wrong with you. 

Your unique cause - the root cause - is just yet to be uncovered and it is easier than you think.

This is not just another quick fix program. This is a proven method that heals anxiety and depression and panic - and not just that will transform your life in every way leaving you empowered, free and inspired to take charge of the next part of your life.

Healthy. Calm. Inspired.

We are not just here to support you on your journey to heal, but to empower you to become the greatest version of yourself.

We can guarantee you - after more than 400 retreats, thousands of happy clients - this is a truly special and unique experience.

Finally - you don't need to attend expensive therapies or our retreat to get access to our team. Work with us intimately online to transform on every level.

I'm Heidi Shannon.


Certified Life Coach : Senior Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher : ACT Therapist : Adv Dip Naturopathy
Creator Alive Wellness Retreats : Illuminate With Us : The Purpose Project : Alive Wholefood Stores

I fell into my life purpose - being here with you - 18 years ago after being crippled with anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and losing everything. Years of study and trying everything to heal myself - that face plant birthed the worlds first holistic mental health retreat with rapid results and a transformational coaching and natural process to heal anxiety and depression for good, which brings me to being here with you. With Alive you access 18 years of profound knowledge and results and my entire team to rapidly heal your body, mind and soul.

Let me save you the

experience I had...

Let me share a story I think you might resonate with...


One day leaving work I had a massive panic attack. I thought I was having a heart attack and that I was going to die. I was alone, confused and the weeks that followed were unbearable. I simply couldn't get up. I couldn't leave the house out of fear. I had completely lost myself.


What I didn't realise at the time - that day - was the best day of my life. I woke up.

I had been abusing my body, battering myself with harsh self talk, pushing and pushing myself to succeed and be accepted, pleasing others constantly and I had lost who I really was by living way outside what truly mattered to me.

I had buried trauma I never wanted to look at and what I didn't realise then but know now - that breakdown was always going to happen at some point.


In the following months desperate for help and answers this was my journey.

It was long, slow, painful and uninspiring to say the least. 
I'd like to save you from this journey....


The First Step I Took - GP/Doctor

I was met with judgement, zero empathy or understanding, no answers and left with a bunch of pills. I was baffled - how is one tiny pill going to solve the relationship with myself I asked myself? And how in under 15 minutes can you give someone mind altering medication without even knowing what is going on with them? I took the pills and nothing helped. 


The Second Step I Took - Lots of Talking Therapy
After rehashing every 'bad' memory, emotion and thought I'd ever had for months I simply felt worse. There were no tools, just talk. I wasn't inspired. I wasn't motivated and I still could barely sleep eat or leave my house. I actually found it to be disempowering. The opposite of what I needed. I hear this often from my clients. I am told they get more answers in one session with me than 10 therapy sessions with another. That's because I've been where you are.


The Third Step I Took - Asking Friends For Help

I felt as though no one understood what I was going through and really they didn't and how could they. Anxiety is invisible and if you have never experienced it others don't really know what to do. I lost my job, my home and most of my life in those months. It was almost impossible to explain in words to others what was going on. But then one day...


Luckily I had one friend who understood - she forced me out of the house one day and into the car. We walked along a street and I stumbled across a small Chinese tea shop and in this moment my whole life changed forever.

Before walking into that little tea shop, I was so done I was ready to give up...

This journey of self discovery, rapid health and inner freedom was also long. At Alive - we condense this journey into a fast rapid healing process that works in record time so you don't have to do this alone.

We combine all of the elements of healing into one easy step by step process.


My journey to recover my sanity and health you could say was obsessive. I was determined never to feel that way ever again. 

Here is what happened that led me to being here with you today...


The First Step To Healing - Committing To My Own Healing

No one will tell you this - therapists will just take your money because you are vulnerable or desperate and convince you this takes forever to heal - but taking full responsibility and harnessing any energy you have to transform your health and life is paramount to the healing process and you are the only one who has the power to make that choice. I flicked a switch and said to myself - my health, my relationship with myself and my mental health will always come first beyond this point. That commitment and willingness alone is incredibly powerful and changed the trajectory course of my life.

When you the leap to change - the universe has no choice to respond in a big way.


And so the healing journey began...



Step 2 - I Found Someone Who Understood + Gave Me Immediate Natural Relief

In I walk to the tea shop and out comes a tiny Chinese Medicine man. He took one look at me and ushered me into his back room. He looked at my tongue and my eyes and gave me immediate orders to stop working night shifts, fully explained what was happening to my nervous system and bundled up a bunch of bark like herbs in newspaper. The brewing began.

Within days anxiety faded - now I had the immediate relief I needed to get up and start to heal for good.


Step 3  - I Healed My Body With Living Foods &

Created A Stress Free Lifestyle

With a little relief under my belt I was determined not to experience that level of anxiety ever again. I quit my job without knowing what was coming next. Moved back to the seaside and having always had a passion handed down from my mother for natural organic foods - I dove head first into healing with foods and herbs. I studied every natural medicine possible and the effects of food on the brain. I stripped my diet of anything harmful and spent as much time in nature as I could - just simply being - and getting to know who I was beyond all that doing for so long.

My energy returned, I started waking up without that bubbling anxious feeling. I started to feel more like myself. 


Step 4  - I Found Profound Mind Tools For Calm

A work friend one day took me to a yoga class. Within half an hour I was balling my eyes out and feeling massive waves of relief. Although I couldn't stand the practice in the beginning - it had such profound effects on my emotions, sleep, waves of happiness for no reason and the space between thoughts I had never felt before - I become hooked. I studied for 2 years the profound psychological effects of yoga therapy, mindfulness, meditation and eastern philosophies to cure mental health. For me - I have never experienced anxiety since I incorporated these therapies into my life.


Step 5 - I Healed My Trauma

At the time 20 years ago - healing, hypnosis, yoga and kinesiology were all considered woo woo - you might still think the are - but without them I would not be here. Done with talking therapies that didn't give me any tools I discovered Kinesiology, the healing arts and hypnosis. 
I had buried and suppressed my emotions and traumas for years and now it was time to release what was holding me back. Now trauma doesn't have to be anything major - I had a lot of smaller issues and relationship hurt that I had never confronted. The therapists I met uncovered what I couldn't get to consciously. And a life of inner freedom and empowerment set in.


Step 6 - I Found Coaching & Ditched Therapy

I trained under the world renowned Russ Harris (ACT Therapy) and accessed fast track coaching frameworks that focused on empowerment and action instead or more talk about more pain. I learned the power of choice, living by my values and not negotiating on them and stepping into action. And life shifted rapidly towards meaning, fulfilment and joy.


Step 7 - Finding Purpose & Creating Life On My Terms

Determined that no one else should ever go through what I did, I studied and studied and formulated the world's first holistic mental health retreat - and within a day of launching the site - I took my first client. Armed with a team of stellar therapists for the next decade we experienced revolutionary results with our clients. My crash birthed an unbelievable lifestyle, career in coaching and freedom to live life on my terms that I never thought possible.

And now being here with you - we offer to you the Alive Process from wherever you are in the world.


Does your journey have to take years or even months? No.

You will integrate this process fast and I dare say - love every step. Alive is a powerful life changing journey to healing anxiety & depression for good AND changing your life with our full support - all in one place.

No More Bandaids & Quickfixes

No More Doing It All Alone

No More Overwhelming Fear

No More Unhelpful Therapy

Alive gives you the right tools in the right order at the right time with the right people to support you.

What Others Say About alive


I have worked with Heidi multiple times in person and online on my healing journey. Heidi has an incredible passion and drive for helping people from all walks of life. Heidi is dynamic with an awe-inspiring force that is infectious, and a way to understand you even without you realising.

I feel so honoured and privileged to have met and worked with Heidi and her team. I will be forever grateful.


Sarah Jessup

School Teacher, Australia

There is nothing Heidi does not cover or uncover. I met Heidi 4 years ago when I became seriously ill and was dealing with extreme anxiety. Heidi's guidance and phenomenal coaching completely changed my life. I can seriously say I would not be here without her support. Heidi works from the inside out. Her ability to get to the core of the real issue is profound. Her work is not only life giving by life saving. Heidi I can never thank you enough. 

Denise Trewartha

Coach, Australia

Heidi is like my real life Oprah. She is the sort of woman you put on your vision board. The way she carries herself, the way she teaches - physically, mentally emotionally she walks her talk. Heidi passionately believes in wellness and because of this everybody around her feeds off her knowledge and vibes and for good reason - she lives and breathes it and has done for more than 10 years that I have known her and have been lucky enough to work with her.

Dee Parlby

Salt Therapist, Australia



100% Proven Results. Since 2009.




























200 Yrs

Combined Experience


 Healing Retreats


Happy Healed Clients


Supporting You Since 09

Is This You?

Are you ready to follow a proven method instead of

trying many different approaches to solve the problem?


Do you want to know the exact cause and

not just have a bandaid fix and solve the problem for good?

  • No More Long Therapy 

    You Don't Need To Peel The Onion

    Most therapy approaches are designed to pay off your therapists house - not cure your anxiety. You don't need to take a deep dive into every pattern, belief, parent or trauma you have ever experienced to 'get to the bottom of your anxiety' and spend a fortune rehashing your pain for hours every week. Yes your past, your trauma and your experiences are important and extremely relevant - but the actual physical tools, compassion and progress right now TODAY is more important to heal the anxiety for good.

  • No More Looking Everywhere and Trying Everything
    Get the Right Tools In The Right Order At The Right Time

    Anxiety is unique to each individual  - was it a reality slap, long term stress, genetics or a physical condition that kicked it off? Until you know the cause - you could be wasting your time trying every little thing - and worse trying each tool without knowing what the actual benefit really is. You could be using tools that are just not right for you or just not in the right order. We focus on right order - for you specifically - right time. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's your own personalised journey and road map.

  • No More Feeling Alone 

    Know The Cause + Get The Support You Need Personally

    Weirdly - after all that therapy and research - most of us don't know the real cause of the anxiety. This is our speciality. We spend weeks, months or years 'dealing with anxiety' with no results secretly trying to hide our symptoms and wondering why others cannot see what is invisible to the naked eye. The journey of reaching for help will be the most empowering move you ever make. You no longer need to find support in multiple people who don't really understand what is really going on. Now you have one place, one support network for every angle of the issue 100% ready to support you with no judgement and understanding exactly what you are going through.

  • No More Bandaids and Quick Fixes

    Ready For A Complete Healing Not a Quick Fix

    We don't do quick fixes - because they don't work. Medication, a quick meditation, a quick therapy session here and there, a sleeping tablet - it doesn't work. I know it because I tried it all. We do 1 complete process, 60 days, that is a cure not a quick fix. When you commit to right tools right order right time with personalised support for healing the whole person - you will be amazed at the results in record time.




We nail the exact cause of what is driving the issue - which is often not what you think. We pin point the cause holistically and give you answers and immediate relief.



We remove what's causing the issue fast and you immediately create a new life plan to give your body, mind, heart and soul what it needs now to lower anxiety and panic fast.




You learn the art of transforming thoughts, beliefs and harsh self talk to step into the present and show up as the person you want to be without fear.




Armed with compassion and tools to reduce emotional overwhelm fast. Build an unbreakable relationship with yourself and find the organic confidence you are seeking on a path to self care and love.



Physical healing and the Alive Gut Health cleanse, nutrition, herbal remedies combined with breathwork, therapeutic yoga, meditation and more is an integral part of your journey to energy, focus and calm.



Now we are ready to re-create your life from the inside out. We map a new life vision packed with purpose and soul and your life will never be the same again. We are ready to launch the new empowered you!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It



To the Alive Team. This program and your support was:





Utterly Inspiring


Thank you

Shane, UK




Thank you all for being so kind and loving.  So fantastic to now have a home plan of action a new way to live your life and enjoy good health. The practical, achievable and informative sessions were brilliant! Delivered with easy knowledge and a relaxing tone. Lots of wonderful information, a great plan for my health and a new focus on a life without depression. Thank you!

Miranda, Pennant Hills Australia




ALIVE - Fantastic Experience!

As I write I’M VERY EMOTIONAL, THE LAST 12 MONTHS and last month in particular have been horrific. You have played a significant role in saving my life. The road ahead is now clear and I feel I have re-discovered the true M and am newly armed with a plan to start the next phase of my better life. Forever grateful.

Michael, Sydney Australia





How You Will Cure Your Anxiety & Depression In Record Time With Alive


Here is the journey you will take to heal in record time

+ find yourself again + recreate your best life.


We don't just heal - we help you create life on your terms.


  • Heal The Issue At The Core

    No More Bandaids

    You will empower yourself and get immediate relief by getting to the real core of the issue. For each person this is unique. We find the root cause and heal the whole person holistically using an empowered approach and a process that works for the body, mind, heart and soul.

  • Get Real Tools When You Need Them The Most

    Get the Right Tools In The Right Order At The Right Time

    You don't need more talk. You need tools to rework the mind, transform beliefs, access compassion for yourself, put a stop to the emotional rollercoaster and get the energy and clarity you are seeking fast. We give you access to the complete tool kit in the right order and support you step by step to reduce your anxiety rapidly and transform key areas of life that are ready to be changed.

  • Get The Expert Support You Need

    Have A Whole Team of Powerful Mentors To Support You

    Inside Alive you get access to the tools for life from every expert on our team. This is a genuine life changing journey. Each expert then supports you in our LIVE 100% CONFIDENTIAL community. You also get access to 1:1 sessions if this is what you desire. No more looking everywhere for the right support - our team are anxiety specialists and offer proven results. They are also hand picked for their empowering approach to therapy and transformation and will have your back 100%.

  • We Don't Just Heal Anxiety & Depression. We Transform Your Life

    A Genuine Life Changing Experience

    What our clients love most about us is how much love, support and tools we give to our clients in every single life area to not just cure their anxiety but to build a body they love, a calm mind, an unbreakable relationship with themselves and a life of true meaning and fulfilment. This is a powerful journey and there is no other online program for anxiety in the world like alive. 


100% Proven. Here is what you will feel:

  • Immediate Relief You will understand the cause, transform your lifestyle and get immediate tools to eradicate the symptoms of anxiety and panic.

  • Energy, Focus & Sleep as we support the physical body to heal your entire nervous system transforms and balance returns internally.

  • Mind Calm The overthinking, ocd, obsessive worry and extreme fear all disappear as you implement the mind tools.

  • Emotional Balance as you build a beautiful relationship with yourself and others and put yourself first, with compassion and self love the emotional storms subside.

  • Empowered Living With Purpose You will create a life of true meaning and step fully into your own power and purpose.

  • Self Worth & Confidence You will become the greatest version of yourself yet.



As Seen In...

What's Inside? 

Get Access to the Complete 

Alive Process Online


Video Masterclasses & Action Steps


Step by step you will integrate every powerful step of the Alive Process. Every day you feel and see the difference.


All The Alive Tool Kits


We use real tools that you will integrate into real life each and everyday that you will love and you experience real change by action.


Real Tools That Transform Lives

Natural Remedies


Natural and herbal remedies to give you the immediate calm you need when you need it most.

Empowered Life Plan


A complete plan to transform each key area of your life. New habits to eliminate stress for good.

Mind Tools


Change your mind, change your life. Access a deep state of relief and calm when you need it.

Gut Health Diet


We heal from the inside out and build the gut brain connection for energy, clarity and total wellbeing.

Healing & Hypnosis


Heal on a deep subconscious level and rewire the issue at the core for long term healing.

Yoga & Meditation


Using the complete yoga system and philosophy we transform the whole person.















Right about now you will be thinking...'Is this just another program? Are the results for real? Will it really work?' Yes?

Chances are you know why you haven't made this happen all on your own or maybe you didn't even know what anxiety or depression was until now.

Maybe you entrusted the wrong people in getting support?

Maybe you've tried every trick in the book?

Maybe you tried to get the support in multiple places?

Maybe you've done a bunch of programs and never really actioned them?


Being skeptical and worried about getting the right support IS A GOOD THING.

Procrastinating out of fear however is not and will only keep you immobilised.

Nothing changes if nothings changes.


This is easier and faster than you think.


Don't let your self talk get in the way of rapid healing.

What we do works 100% and has been proven to over and over and over.


The thing is - you have to want the life you deserve.

Even if right now you don't think it's possible. Even if you are tempted to give up.

I am living proof - so are my clients - that you are 100x more capable than what you believe.

You need us in your corner to support you and keep you accountable on this journey to healing and self empowerment.


Right now there are probably a bunch of interesting stories popping into your head...


These stories are sometimes the direct cause of why we are where we are and it's time to disarm them.


'I'll do it next week'.
Next week turns into next month and then a year. goes by and we are still dealing with anxiety. You will never be fully ready to start the next chapter of your life. The healing happens in the doing... the doing of real tools, real action, real change and real purpose.

And you are the only one ready or not to make that happen.

Another therapy session or self help won't fix this.

Action - with the right tools and guidance is paramount to healing.


'It's too hard, I can't do it myself' 
We know it's hard and thankfully we exist so you don't have to do it yourself. Step by step we are here to support. Day by day you will see changes.


'I'm exhausted'
I know. how exhausted you are my lovely. I still remember being unable to get up. But I did and I never looked back. 


I will have your back the whole way through this journey.

Heidi x



You don't need to go this journey alone. This is a genuine

life changing experience...

Prepare to be Empowered

Are You Ready?

Join Us On An Inspiring Journey to Transform Yourself & Your Life 

& Become The Best Version Of You

  • Access The Immediate Relief Kit

    The Immediate Relief Kit is a powerful 7 day kickstarter to get your symptoms under control fast and naturally with herbs, supplements, natural remedies and a 7 day life & healthy eating plan to start your journey to curing for good.

  • Find Yourself Again

    We invite you to move from fear, worry and overwhelm to self empowered and deeply connected. We believe you all have inside of you a unique gift to be shared with the world and now is the time to tap deeply into what holds you back so that you can emerge wiser, calmer, stronger... 

  • 8 Powerful Masterclasses

    Heidi and her team of experts are at the top of their game and some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Get immediate access to 8 classes covering everything inside the 8 step ROADMAP for curing anxiety naturally for good.

  • Access Alive Therapists

    Design your own private 1:1 Intensive Retreat at home or therapy package to speed up your results and unlock the support you need from the best of the best. Our online clinic gives you the power to have a holistic team working together to give you fast results with full support. *Private sessions are POA.

Join Alive Online

Access This Life Changing Experience At A Price You Can Afford

  • Access to your IMMEDIATE RELIEF KIT (Valued at $129)

    The first module gives you Heidi's famous immediate relief pack to integrate in the first 3 days for fast relief from symptoms naturally.

  • UNLOCK 8+ HRS of Empowering Video Masterclasses with Heidi Shannon and Team

    (Valued at$800)  

    Step by step you will navigate the complete Alive Process healing anxiety and transforming each key area of your life.

  • Meditation, Relaxation, Mindfulness and Hypnosis Audio Library (Valued at $99) 

    Tap into our BLISS LIBRARY of zen tools and get the calm you are seeking on the go when you need it most.

  • Deeply Relaxing Yoga & Healing Classes (Valued at $99) 

    Access the true yogic system and healing arts to energetically balance the mind and the body specifically created for Anxiety.

  • Transform Your Life Plan and Worksheets ($99) 

    Dive deep into life transformation with Heidi's powerful exercises to integrate into each area of your life. You get to redesign your life your way.

  • Nutrition Tool Kit including Cooking Classes, Healthy Eating Plans, The Alive Gut Cleanse and Herbal Remedies ($199) 

    Perhaps what Alive is well known for is healing from the inside out. We'll inspire you to transform your body with our living and healing foods from the earth.

  • Personalised Journal Guide (valued at $99)

    Using our journal guides to rediscover yourself you will explore freeing yourself from what you are holding inside and tracking your progress using our beautiful journal guides for implementation and self discovery.


You Also Access These 24/7 LIVE Support Bonuses


  • BONUS 1 - Exclusive Community Support Group - Ask Questions 24/7

    Value - Priceless

    At anytime ask the Alive team questions inside our 100% confidential community support group..

  • BONUS 3 - 10% Discount on 1:1 Therapies With the Alive Experts

    Value Save Hundreds On Therapy

    Work one on one with our team and receive a 10% discount on our custom created therapy packages tailored to your needs. Our team are experts in their field and can only be accessed through the Alive Program.





Prices in USD

One Easy Payment

Natural Remedies & Supplements

Quick Meditations & Mind Tools

7 Day Relief Plan


Looking for personal

support on tap 24/7?



Valued at $1377

Complete Alive Program

All Alive Toolkits

Get A Custom Therapy Package With the Team - 10% Discount

Prices in USD

Need More Proof?

Meet some of the extraordinary clients who have been where you are...

Loved our time together Heidi! The program you created certainly delivers everything you promise. I feel so much more balanced, happy in mind, body and emotionally.

Nutrition - Wow! So surprised at how much I am liking it, and I never knew a lot of things about nutrition and the effects of imbalance in our gut has on the rest of our body. Will definitely be continuing the plan. Delighted to have lost some weight!

When I wasn’t feeling great you were there to support me.

A great sense of wellness and balance and some good tools in mindfulness practices to keep my thoughts and emotions in check. To stay present in the moment. An acceptance of myself.

Thanks again!

Rosemary, Perth

I call you My ‘Awakening’ - Life changing skills that I have learnt will guide me to my new path post divorce. My experience has been filled with love, compassion and respect. 


Your healthy eating plans are well thought out, highly nutritional yet detoxifying + purifying. Educated advice on health & nutrition. Informative clear, focused sessions on health and nutrition above my expectations.

The love, kindness and emotional support I have received from you will stay with me forever.

I felt you were kind and aware of my emotional, physical and psychological needs at all times. 

This has been beyond my expectations!

Shannon, Australia

I haven't had a panic attack in weeks, meditating every morning and being as mindful as I can. I'm probably the happiest and most relaxed I've ever been!

This is one of the best things I've ever done and so life changing, my whole family are blown away.

I have always felt safe, well cared for and comfortable during our program and your words have opened my mind up to so much.

Food: This this was an amazing highlight of this program! It really has made me aware of future decisions that I will make in regards to what goes in my mouth.

Wow. Thank you.

Georgia, Melbourne


I had so many light bulb moments with  you. It was so great to focus on my health holistically and be able to integrate so much into one approach, the information has provided me with the missing link to my health issues. Your coaching was thorough, interesting, engaging, caring, skilled, warm, welcoming and you are not scared or tears! I was so impressed by our time together. i feel connected to my body for the first time in a long while :)

Sara, Auckland


Hi Heidi!

I just want to say thank you. I came to you feeling lost with my world of business and all the stresses that came with it.

I walked away from my time with you feeling like I had got back the person i had lost. I feel the inner work was in some ways a challenge but in that challenge you helped me see the person I am. So grateful, please keeping on doing what you are doing. It has a degree of magic and what you give is amazing. believing in your passion is what life is about.

Thank you!

Helen, Melbourne

I can't thank you enough for the amazing support, wealth of knowledge and genuine care that I received during this program. I have learnt so much and am inspired to continue learning and putting this all into practice for the long term and for me!! 

Excited and feeling wonderful! Thankyouthankyouthankyou :) 

Meg, Perth

Thankyou to you. Ironic that you called it the 'Alive' Process because for the first time in a very long time I feel alive!!! You have taken me on this journey have literally breathed new life into my soul. Heidi you are personally one of the most profound and intelligent people I have ever met. Your knowledge and passion is powerful and for which I will be eternally grateful. I feel like this is not the end but only the beginning.

Sue, Australia

Amazing  - thank you for the chance to heal. I will be forever grateful. 

Amber, Melbourne

This was the best decision I have ever made! From the first phone call I knew I was in the right place. Nutrition...This was one of the key learning experience for me and something I had never completely understood.  I understand food on a whole other level!  The coaching calls... Very supportive, caring, warm, professional and FULL of knowledge. Heidi really knows her stuff!! Yoga has also been great and I'm loving it. It is apart of my daily routine now. Thank you for approaching my delicate issues with such empathy, understanding, professionalism and determination to help me overcome them. I feel I have holistic tools to live a happy live. You have given me hope and answers that so many have failed to do in the past. I will never forget this experience. Thank you!!

Liz, Perth

I want to thankyou so much :) :)

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our program and I feel very privileged to have worked with you.


I had made some good improvements to my health and energy over the past years but had become very frustrated not being able to take my health to the next level. Your advice has given me much needed hope that i can concur the rest of my journey with the support of your very holistic program - who knew most of the issues were coming from my mind. I've made more progress in a few weeks with your changes than I have in years. 


I am now looking forward to a life where i have an abundance of energy, where i can live life to the full!

Thanks again

Maria, NZ

This was exactly what I needed! Heidi your personable way and knowledge across many levels and ability to interact and understand/reach out to different personalities and match them is outstanding. I absolutely love ACT therapy and your style of coaching. I've learned in a week to be one with my self just as I am. How wonderful is that?

Cheree, NZ

Thank you, thank you , thank you!!

I'm so excited to be doing all this as I type I'm cooking my stock and veggies, I've emptied my pantry and replaced it with goodness!

I bought 2 yoga mats today for my daughter and I and we've been listening to nature sounds & connecting rather than watching TV!!

I've found yoga close by and plan to do the summer program and yoga and Aqua at my local gym in the meantime!

Vision boards we are making Friday night and I'm signing in to access the online program for weeks of more from you, can't wait!

Thank you again gorgeous, clever lady & your team !!! I owe you so much for giving me my strength back to live the life I deserve! 

Mel, Melbourne

You have to ask yourself... where will you be in a few weeks from now?

Imagine finally being able to wake up refreshed and actually looking forward to the day without that bubbling feeling inside and dreading what's coming that day?


Imagine if you felt so empowered by what you were learning and integrating and after so many 'aha' moments you finally feel that inner freedom you've always been seeking.


Imagine if you are free from worry, panic and fear and you fully step into your own power and are confident to show up in your life the way you want.


No more hiding, no more pretending. You feel free.


All you have to do is make the decision that you are willing and ready to be free. The healing process - is our job - action is yours and you can do it like others have.


Plus  - and this is truly the best part - you will walk away at the end of this program with tools for LIFE. Tools for honouring your body, tools for emotional intelligence, tools for mental stamina, tools to deal with whatever life throws at you when life life's you.


You won't just heal your anxiety - you will build a life you love.

Have Your Own Coaches, Therapists & Wellness Team On Tap 24/7

Access All The Tools & Support In One Place

The kind of people we work with...

If you are done chasing so many rabbits and peeling the onion to find the source of your fear then this fully supported program is for you.

You don't want to do it alone and get lost online or searching around and around for someone to help you.

You don't just want to heal anxiety, you want to live a beautiful life that you love.

Getting your sanity and inner calm back is not negotiable.

You are willing and ready to build an unstoppable relationship with yourself.

Building a life of true meaning and fulfilment is your end game.

You will implement all your learn and never look back.

They are willing to invest in themselves and their own healing.

You are ready to be EMPOWERED.


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